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Being a sponsor/patron for the Shakti on Fire podcast means

you are joining hands in my dream

of empowering one million women to do three million good deeds by 2028.


what would happen

when we put out

three million ripples of love

in the world?

My heart glows just thinking about it. 🙂

Producing the show takes up most of my time and resources. It is a very time-consuming process to put together a quality show, that is inspiring, informative, practical and fun.

All my time/resources/effort goes into –

  • Sourcing out quality guests
  • Corresponding with the potential guests
  • Creating my own coaching/healing episodes as a coach/healer
  • Creating the free giveaway for my own episodes
  • Recording the different segments of each episode
  • Actual interview with guests
  • Editing each episode
  • Creating each episode preview audio clip
  • Creating social media friendly visuals
  • Creating episode trailer on Youtube
  • Creating show-notes – main ideas, sound bites, guest’s contact, free gift, music credit, sponsor credit.
  • Creating each episode on FB page as an event
  • Pre-marketing episodes
  • Sending to guest pre-marketing materials
  • Scheduling social media post for each episodes
  • Interacting with people on social media and responding to their comments.

As you can see, it is serious time-consuming work.

That I love doing. 🙂

ALL your financial support will do so much to encourage and motivate me to continue on towards this dream.


Feature your products/service in the show.

Support the Shakti vision while expanding exposure on your business/work. 🙂

– 15 seconds pre-roll, 30 seconds mid-roll
– Sponsor’s logo on Sponsors page
and more!

Contact me for more information on sponsorship.


You can support me with just $5!

Yes it’s true. 🙂

So say yes to the Shakti dream at Patreon. 

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With all my love and gratitude,

thank you!


Shaktis’ Midwife,