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How would you like to be interviewed on Shakti on Fire Podcast?

Hi there,

I have started this new podcast, Shakti on Fire Podcast, healing and empowerment for women. 😍

This podcast is an extension of my book, From Zero to Shakti, a woman’s path to self-healing and empowerment.

I would like to use it as a platform to continue to explore further the universal themes running in the book because these affects everyone and we don’t always know what to do &/ how to go about it.

OPEN to –

1. Professionals/Practitioners/Authorities in the field of

– Healing and empowerment (e.g. mental health, psychotherapy, healers, etc)

– Women empowerment (e.g. different types of coaches in women wellness, etc)

– Fun activities catered towards women’s health and wellness.

2. Inspirational/exceptional women

In terms of showing authenticity, courage, power, divine feminine)

ADVANTAGES of being featured in a podcast –

1. Worldwide exposure to your products and services.

2. Add value to your branding

3. Positioned as an authority in your field

4. Your contact details will be made available in the show notes for listeners to contact you.

5. You are allowed and encouraged to give an incentive to the listeners to capture database.

Priority given to –

1. Authors with books in their specialized field.

2. Individuals with an attractive incentive for the listeners.

3. Individuals who have read my book and can bring that into the discussion.

4. Individuals open to be each other’s affiliates &/ joint products/services.

5. Individuals who is open to an extended second written or podcast interview (situational basis)

Let’s make this podcast a powerful platform, for women to find resources, to heal and empower themselves.

Please feel free to share it with anyone you deem suitable for the show.

Please note that selection will be based on my discretion.

Thanks with blessings.



~ Igniting Shaktis on Fire ~


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