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Ep 36 – Blockbuster Part 2: Vision Board Magic


“I want vision boards that give

‘last breath satisfaction’.

That is my singular goal in life”

– Joy Leng

In this episode –

  • Your 2018 Blockbuster Series
  • Vision Board Magic
  • Reality check on vision boards
  • Your Being Board
  • Know Your Why
  • ‘Last breath satisfying’ boards
  • The Golden Circle
  • We’re Here Poem
  • FREE Vision Board Magic pdf
  • FREE First Stepper, Reflections that transform Life Lessons into Goals and Fulfillment.

Sound Bites –

  • Nothing happens without intention and commitment.
  • A blank canvas allows you to dream.
  • The blank space is inviting you to fill it up with what invites you.
  • There is so much power in putting down on paper what was till that point, merely drifting thoughts in my mind.
  • It was so intoxicating for me to watch someone else weave their dreams into their vision board.
  • What I was releasing, were very pleasing things that were close to my heart.
  • As I look intently at my vision board in its entirety, my heart started to sing.
  • I felt newfound determination to see it all to its completion.
  • In the course of drawing out her intentions for her work onto her vision board, she suddenly realized that the answer from her heart was a yes.
  • The way I do my vision board is radically different from the usual vision boards out there.
  • My version of vision board comes from years of trials and error.
  • I did not want to just create yet another vision board for the new year, without acknowledging the parts that didn’t work for me the year before.
  • I also wanted to make sure that my vision board is a board that works, with visions manifested.
  • Together with my own observations and feedback from my clients, Vision Board Magic (VBM) was born.
  • The potent secret ingredients in VBM adds an alchemical element to the vision board, that helps it to become more accessible in daily life.
  • What’s the use of a vision board that does not weave its magic in your daily life, to manifest what’s on it?
  • Vision board is not a magic pill.
  • Your vision board is the modest seed that you have embedded into the soil.
  • Vision boards are magnifiers.
  • Vision boards magnify your visions powerfully on the energetic level.
  • The more you act on your vision board, the faster you snowball towards your desired outcomes.
  • The law of synchronicity is also activated.
  • Vision boards are not for the chicken-hearted.
  • Vision boards are for people who have the guts to dream, to visualize a desired future for themselves.
  • In short, vision boards are for visionaries.
  • A Vision Board Magic is a Being Board.
  • Know your why.

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