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Ep 32: The Power of Forgiveness with Debbie Goldberg


‘Each of us have our
own spiritual curriculum’
– Debbie Goldberg

In this episode –

  • Agreement with God
  • Forgiving the unforgivable
  • Experiences as gifts
  • Space of love
  • Purpose of forgiveness
  • Ego’s role in forgiveness
  • Contracting versus expanding our hearts
  • Journaling
  • What judgement really is

Sound Bites –

  • We made an agreement with God before we came here.
  • We all have a divine purpose of spreading God’s love and joy.
  • Life is an illusion.
  • Each of us have our own spiritual curriculum.
  • You become spiritually re-parented in knowing who you truly are.
  • People need to learn to heal things that are considered unforgivable.
  • We are all miracles, we are all blessings and we are all pure joy.
  • All the experiences I have are gifts, even though they are sometimes negative.
  • Hold the space of love, no matter how something is perceived.
  • Forgiveness is done for you, not the other person.
  • When you cannot forgive, it is the work of the ego.
  • We are here to grow our hearts.
  • What are you holding on to in your heart?
  • Never, ever withhold love.
  • Everytime we judge, we are judging ourselves.
  • The things that we dislike in other people, we actually do it ourselves.
  • Maybe I can make a list of people that I’ve hurt and what I did to them.
  • Authentic means to me to be transparent, that I bring my whole self to my life.
  • It is time for you to learn how to receive your own love.
  • Our ego gets in the way so we don’t feel the intensity of our own true love.
  • I remind myself everyday to turn my love inside.
  • My superhero will be my higher self, because she is just awesome!
  • I tell my ten years old self that she is wonderful, and I will be the one who will take care of her.
  • I had a whole girl softball team inside of me that needed healing.
  • Most people don’t want to take the time to do this work, because it does take a lot of time.
  • You don’t need anybody else’s love. You have plenty inside of you.
  • We are here to share our love, not to get love, because we have plenty.
  • Open your heart and love courageously, without judgment.
  • I wrote a poem that God wants me to raise an army of warriors whose mission is love.

Guest’ s Bio

Debbie N Goldberg was a traditional clinical therapist for 18 years until a Spiritual Awakening transformed her and changed her path to Spiritual Mentor and author. She brings the spiritual knowledge of her own awakening into her work to inspire healing, love, joy, purpose and creativity as each of us works through our own spiritual journey.

Guest’s Book

If you knew your life was just your story, a dream, and that each person is just acting out his/her storyline as a character in a book or play, how would that change the way you witness behavior in this world?

If you understood that everyone is reacting to their own perceived suffering and their behavior is an attempt to take away or hide their pain, do you think you might look at yourself and others differently?

Would you, could you, develop compassion for everyone’s ignorance of the fact that they are asleep and unconscious? Could you develop compassion for your own unconsciousness?

The answers to these questions could be what lies between you and finally knowing what your true life’s calling is; what God truly wants for your life.

Perfect synchronization with the Universe begins in understanding the Creator’s purpose for you. Perfect alignment happens when you begin to co-create a life of Divine purpose alongside your Maker.

There is no freer feeling than to know that each decision, no matter how difficult or daunting, if made from love, is guided by the Divine and cannot lead you astray — this is a life that is co-created with God.

In this volume of A Divinely Ordered Life, we dive deeper into the meaning of our lives, move forward in our journey toward lasting, transformative love, eternal joy and illuminate the path to our soul’s purpose.

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