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Ep 27 – Are You Depressed?




In this episode –

  • Women and Depression
  • What is depression?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Why do women get depression more often than men?
  • How to cope with depression?
  • Taking the Depression Quiz

Sound Bites –

  • Sometimes the fastest way is to go slow.
  • Depression is a serious and pervasive mood disorder.
  • Two thirds of people suffering from depression are women.
  • Between you and three of your close girlfriends, one of you is going to have a major depression episode at some point.
  • Depression can happen to anyone, including you and me.
  • Rumination reinforces depression and can make it worse.
  • The female physiological response to stress is to produce more stress hormones.
  • Challenge your thoughts.
  • Can you forgive those who hurt you because that is where the healing starts.
  • Give up or get up?
  • It is not the end until you have given up.
  • Just the fact that you are here should persuade you that you have another chance to get back up.

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