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Ep 26 (Pl@y/Spotlight) – Attorney to Burlesques Star, Lora Cheadle

LIVE ON 3rd August

‘I give permission to people

to watch me

be vulnerable’

– Lora Cheadle

In this episode –

  • 5 Steps to Flaunt
  • Building your dreams.
  • Living your sparkle
  • Importance of laughter
  • Accepting unconditionally
  • Navigating the negative
  • Trust in our truth

Sound Bites –

  • Every routine is a story, a piece of my heart.
  • Burlesque is about making fun of the status quo.
  • I am on stage and I am sharing my thoughts.
  • I give myself permission to watch me be vulnerable.
  • I understand that what I do might offend some people but my life is for me.
  • Have that fun because it makes us better people.
  • Find ways to laugh everyday.
  • Things happen all the time, it’s our perception that makes it negative.
  • Have something that’s a secret for you.
  • I am respectful of myself and my feelings.
  • If you feel a calling in your heart, pursue it.
  • It is ok to crash and burn.

Guest’ s Bio

A former attorney, Lora coined the term Life Choreographer, and empowers women to FLAUNT! and Build their Dreams and Live Their Sparkle through Hypnotherapy, Angel Readings, fitness and dance. She has a weekly radio show, and dances, teaches and performs burlesque all over the US.

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  • A downloadable class “Burlesque, Revealing the Goddess Within.” Use it to release their labels, roles and scripts, and to reveal the true Goddess within, and to re-choreograph their life in a way that allows for joy, play and powerful, divine femininity!

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