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Ep 25 (Sparks/Power) Power UP! Action Book


In this episode –

  • Four Sparks of Shakti on Fire
  • Definition of Personal Power
  • The different types of power
  • How to identify your core values?
  • How to determine the order of importance of your different values?
  • How to examine what exactly does your core value means to you?
  • How to narrow down your core values into dreams and visions?
  • What are the steps to break down your dreams into goals?
  • What beliefs are required to help your goals?
  • What is required to turn goals into actionable tasks?
  • How to break down your tasks into easy to achieve action steps?
  • How to track your progress?
  • What does Beyonce have to say about achieving goals?
  • Working on Power UP! Action Book (Part 4 of Shakti on Fire 4 Parts Series)

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‘What people can do

is very different from

what they will do.’

– Anthony Robbins

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Shakti on Fire Sparks 4 Parts Series

The objective of this free coaching series is to give you a taster of how Ignite! Shakti Training (IST) will be like. You have a choice to

  • Go straight into IST or
  • Start off first with this free coaching and continue your journey with IST.

Either way, just get started! 🙂

Hopefully after your training, you will also feel inspired to be a part of the 1 million Shaktis, 3 million Sparks vision.

It simply means taking the Shakti on Fire Empowerment Pledge to do a total of three empowerment projects of your choice for each of these areas, family, community and humanity. 🙂


  1. This free coaching series consists of 4 action books related to the four sparks of Shakti on Fire training, which is
  • Authenticity

  • Intuition

  • Pl@y! and

  • Power

The accompanying podcast episodes guide you through the action books and the main concepts in it. And of course, if you want private coaching through the process, or to add other healing and therapeutic processes to it, such as Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), that is available too.

Ultimately it is up to you how far, and how thorough you want to dive into your Shakti journey.

I will be here cheering you on,

every step of the way. 🙂


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Honoured to be part of your soul-volution.

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Namaste my dear Shakti.


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