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Ep 21 (Sparks/Intuition) Intuitive U Action Book


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Shakti on Fire Sparks 4 Parts Series

This series is four action books based on the four sparks of Shakti on Fire training, which are

It helps to jumpstart you into the full women empowerment training available at and hopefully you will join us with the Shakti on Fire Empowerment Pledge.

The objective of the podcast is to support women in their self-healing and empowerment journey. This action book series is also designed as a powerful companion to the podcast.

Have you listened to all the episodes and grab all your free action books?

Coaching and healing sessions are also available if you want further support. These action books are my gifts of love to you and I gently urge you to take my guiding hand and get started on your healing and empowerment journey.

Honoured to be part of your soul-volution.

With all my blessings and love,

Namaste my dear Shakti.


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