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Ep 15 – Deep Diving into Matriarchy


What does it mean

to be the Great Mother

to yourself?

Joy Leng

In this episode –

  • The meaning of matriarchy
  • The Great Mother in Egypt
  • The Great Mother/The Great Feminine
  • Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine
  • Advantages of matriarchy
  • Debunking of matriarchy myth
  • A new paradigm
  • Balance versus superiority
  • Authentic U Action Book

Sound Bites –

  • Mother’s the teacher.
  • Mother is the goddess in the household.
  • Goddesses are revered as much as the gods.
  • In Mosuo, the women practice ‘walking marriages.’
  • The sacred feminine and the sacred masculine are considered the highest form of respect.
  • The aim is not to have power over others and over nature, but to follow maternal values, i.e. to nurture the natural, social and cultural life based on mutual respect.
  • What does it mean to be the Great Mother in your life?
  • What does it mean to be the Great Mother to yourself?

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