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Ep 14 (Sparks) – Accelerate Your Mojo with Allison Sutter


‘Do not try to live fearlessly.’

– Allison Sutter

In this episode –

  • What does Accelerate Your Mojo means?
  • What is intuition?
  • What is the relationship between intuition and your higher self?
  • What are the 7 steps to ignite intuition, shake off fear and unleash the real you?
  • What is ‘limp noodle’?
  • Verbal asking and emotional asking
  • Allowing and resisting
  • What is the difference between action and inspired action?
  • Mountain top view and trailer view
  • Accessing your total self
  • Detached optimism

Sound Bites –

  • Accelerate doesn’t mean to go faster.
  • When we realize something, we make it real for us.
  • Understand our wholeness.
  • Emotions are our guiding system.
  • You come from pure, positive energy.
  • You create your reality.
  • Stop shouldn’t-ing all over yourself.
  • Stop victimizing yourself.
  • Trust that the inspired action is the best path.
  • Your highest self lives outside of time and space.
  • My intuition is me.
  • Do not try to live fearlessly.

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Guest’ s Bio –

Allison Sutter, M.Ed., is a best selling author and contemporary spiritual teacher. She is highly acclaimed for her ability to seamlessly blend spirituality and practical self-help information making it relevant to daily life. Allison’s digital courses currently serve students in over thirty-two countries. She resides with her husband and three girls in Chicago.

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Instagram/ Twitter / Skype – allisonsutter3




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