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Shakti on Fire Podcast Ep 012 (SPOTLIGHT/SPARKS) Evolve Your Life with Sheila Cash


‘I give myself radical self-acceptance

and remember my courage’

– Sheila Cash

In this episode –

  • What is Conscious Evolution?
  • How can we choose choice over chance?
  • Shedding of the old
  • Self Enquiry
  • Aligning with universal flow
  • First steps into Authenticity
  • Radical Self Acceptance

Sound Bites –

  • You cannot expect radical changes in your life if you stay in the mico view.
  • Changes takes expansion.
  • We cannot spread joy, authenticity and knowledge unless we speak.
  • Life itself is always seeking balance.
  • The more we align with what we have been given, the more we are in alignment with the universe.
  • It is not about finding it (authenticity) once and it’s done.
  • Stress is caused by not being with authentic people and environment.
  • Your choices profoundly and significantly impacts the collective evolution.
  • Your purpose is about being as authentic as you can be.
  • I allow intuition all the time.
  • I gave myself radical self acceptance and remember my courage.

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Authenticity by Tiffany Alvord